The Seppi Starsoil Tiller makes easy for work in many applications such as:                               

Crush stones on roads, farms and other areas.
Create and maintain gravel roads.
Maintaining of power and communication lines.
Grind building rubble on construction sites.
Rip and remove old layers of tarmac.
Reclaim land for agricultural use.
Improve arable fields and other land.
Prepare soil for (re)planting.
Clear forests after harvesting wood.


We are well equipped to lay poly piping for irrigation or animal water supply. Using the CAT D5K, we can work over long stretches of ground, including kilometres of distance at once. Our team works carefully and meticulously to ensure we follow the right lines, measurements and depth.

Tree Shearing

Our tree shears and Komatsu 210 make light work of clearing trees on road sides or surrounding buildings. Whether its clearing trees for safety reasons or aesthetically, we have you covered.