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Kevin Coleman Construction

Services Offered by Kevin Coleman Construction


  1. Civil Engineering and Groundworks

    • Comprehensive civil engineering services covering various projects.
    • Groundwork expertise including formwork, drainage culverts, and precast retaining walls.
    • Extensive experience in plant hire for diverse construction needs.
  2. Land Improvement Services

    • Specialized services such as tree shearing, mulching, and stump grinding for land enhancement.
    • Expertise in stone crushing and excavation for land improvement projects.
  3. Road Construction and Maintenance

    • Proficient in all aspects of road construction and maintenance.
  4. Commercial and Domestic Groundworks

    • Versatile solutions for both commercial and domestic groundworks, from excavation to surface finishing.
  5. Pipe Laying

    • Utilization of vibrating mole plough for efficient pipe laying.
  6. Construction of Commercial Buildings

    • Construction of various commercial structures including warehouses, garages, and storage bays.
  7. Metal Fabrication and Steel Works

    • Light metal fabrication, structural steel installation, and steel bending services.


  • Starsoil works
  • Tree shears and excavator mounted mulcher
  • Dozer mounted mole plough


  • Range of excavators from 3tn to 24tn
  • Tractors and 20tn dump trailor
  • Cat D5 Dozer
  • Formwork panels and accessories
  • Soil tilling equipment
  • Dozer mounted vibrating mole plough
  • Wide variety of small items of plant required on a day to day basis for construction sites.

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