Hillbrook Farm

Project Details

KCC visited the works area where a 30 year old hardwood forestry plantation had been clear felled.
The client was looking for a solution to get rid of the tree stumps ranging in size from 250mm diameter to 450mm diameter in the plantation of approx. 8 acres.
KCC provided the solution using the SEPPI starsoil with narrow pointed tips to mulch the stumps to ground level and then changing back to standard tips, mulched the roots and ground stump material into the soil. The client then spread a layer of dung over same and reseeded an area of approx. 10 acres as he is in the process of extending his dairy herd.
The client also built new access roads with site won fill material which was too big to achieve levels with a tracked excavator. KCC used the Seppi Starsoil to mill throught he placed material and subsequently leveled and compacted same.