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Welcome to Kevin Coleman Construction, your trusted partner for general civil engineering solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of expertise, we specialize in transforming landscapes through meticulous site clearance and proficient civil engineering work. At the heart of our operations is the formidable Seppi Starsoil stone crusher and forestry tiller, a cutting-edge machine that sets us apart in the industry.

What We Do


Seppi Starsoil is a powerful soil tiller and forestry tiller. Capable of soil tilling to a depth of 40 cm, crushing stones with a min. diameter of 30 cm and mulching wood with a diameter of 40 cm. Transform your waste land into usable, profitable land

Plant Hire

At Kevin Coleman Construction, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive fleet of cutting-edge machinery, catering to diverse project requirements.

Formwork & Concrete

Kevin Coleman Construction excels in the artistry of formwork and concrete works, specializing in Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures with a focus on private residences and bespoke designs.

Civil Engineering

At Kevin Coleman Construction, we take pride in our proficiency in a diverse range of civil engineering works.

Site Clearance

Kevin Coleman Construction’s specialised site clearance works featuring state-of-the-art excavator-mounted attachments.

Access/Haul Roads

Expertise meets innovation in Access Road and Haul Road Construction, utilising imported stone materials for durability and resilience.

Motorway Maintenance

Our experienced team employs state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to maintain motorways at peak performance.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions

Our practices reflect a commitment to reducing environmental impact. With us, you get top-notch construction services that not only meet high standards but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Latest Projects

KC Christmas tree stumps
Emerald Christmas Trees
KC Road Clearance
Hill Brook Farm Access
KC Land Reclamation
Ferrybank Site Development

Whar Our Clients Say


Murphy Precast

John Murphy

Kevin and his team have been an invaluable partner in helping us successfully execute our infrastructure projects that we have carried within our factory. From the initial planning stages to the final execution, the team at Kevin Coleman Construction has consistently demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality results. One of the key strengths for Kevin and his team is their ability to effectively manage and coordinate complex construction projects. They maintained open lines of communication throughout the entire process, keeping us informed of progress and addressing any concerns or challenges that arose. The quality of their workmanship is exceptional and they consistently delivered projects on time and within budget, while never compromising on the integrity or safety of the infrastructure. The team have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our infrastructure projects are completed to the highest standards. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results make them an invaluable asset for any infrastructure project.

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