Seppi Starsoil

Introducing the Seppi Starsoil – a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing land transformation. This advanced stone crusher and forestry tiller redefine efficiency in site preparation, seamlessly blending power and precision. Engineered by Seppi, a trailblazer in agricultural and forestry machinery, the Starsoil effortlessly clears and transforms terrain with unmatched prowess. Whether tackling rocky landscapes or overgrown areas, this machinery excels in crushing stones, tilling soil, and creating a fertile foundation for your projects. Elevate your construction endeavors with the Seppi Starsoil, where innovation meets performance to pave the way for a new era in land development and civil engineering.

  • Crush stones on roads, farms and other areas;
  • Create and maintain gravel roads;
  • Maintaining of power and communication lines
  • Grind building rubble on construction sites;
  • Rip and remove old layers of tarmac;
  • Reclaim land for agricultural use;
  • Improve arable fields and other land;
  • Prepare soil for (re)planting;
  • Clear forests after harvesting wood
  • And much more….
  • Crushes stones up to 30 cm [12”] Ø
  • Mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • Tills the soil as deep as 40 cm [16”] and deeper, depending on the working conditions
  • Rotor V-LOCK: combination of tungsten carbide inserts hammers ULTRA MONO PROTECT + EXTREME; anti-wear hammer support
  • Bolt-on-rotor shaft
  • Working speed 0-2 km/h
  • Required creeper gear: max. 0,5 km/h
  • Chassis made of high tensile and wear-resistant steel AR400
  • with internal replaceable WEAR PLATES
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 3 central fixed
  • Gearbox 1000 rpm with freewheel

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