Access & Haul Roads

Kevin Coleman Construction – where expertise meets innovation in Access Road and Haul Road Construction. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is showcased in the meticulous construction of roads, utilizsng imported stone materials for durability and resilience.

With precision as our hallmark, we employ advanced equipment such as the tilt grading bucket and land leveller to shape the imported stone materials to perfection. These tools ensure that every inch of the access and haul roads meets the highest standards of construction, providing a foundation that withstands the test of time.

In our dedication to sustainable practices, we introduce a groundbreaking approach with the Seppi Starsoil Stone Crusher. This revolutionary on-site solution transforms locally sourced materials into a formidable base for roads, eliminating the need for extensive imports. The Seppi Starsoil’s cutting-edge technology crushes and compacts materials, creating a foundation that not only meets construction standards but also reduces environmental impact.

Choose Kevin Coleman Construction for your access and haul road needs, and witness the fusion of cutting-edge machinery, expert craftsmanship, and a commitment to eco-conscious practices. Our roads are more than pathways; they represent our dedication to building infrastructure that stands strong, performs optimally, and contributes to a sustainable construction future.

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